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A brief statement on spirits and ethics

I can’t say I particularly care for Michelle Belanger or her works, but something quoted in one of her books is actually something I agree with, and something I feel more people should pay attention to.

Although it has been widely popularized in television and the movies, the technique of sending spirits into the light is not recommended. When human spirits linger by their own choice, it is presumptuous to second guess that choice and seek to take away the spirits’ free will. When a human spirit lingers due to unresolved issues, attempts to send them into the light may cause them to make the transition to the next state of existence prematurely. It is better and more respectful to help the spirits resolve issues on their own than to judge them or force them to move on against their will.

~The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide, by Michelle Belanger, emphasis in quotes mine.

I find this to speak very true, and have had personal experience in such dealings. I notice that there are some occultists, otherkin, newagers and multiples out there who seem to be quite willing to shirk many ethical boundaries involving sentient spirits, doing things to them or involving them that would probably present dire consequences in the physical world (such as prison time, etc.). People tend to assume that because this sort of thing happens on the “spirit-world”, there are no witnesses, and reality is all subjective anyway, so they feel confident in their ability to get away with their actions.

This is a topic I may explore more in depth at a later time as I gather my thoughts on the issue.


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