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A brief statement on spirits and ethics

I can’t say I particularly care for Michelle Belanger or her works, but something quoted in one of her books is actually something I agree with, and something I feel more people should pay attention to.

Although it has been widely popularized in television and the movies, the technique of sending spirits into the light is not recommended. When human spirits linger by their own choice, it is presumptuous to second guess that choice and seek to take away the spirits’ free will. When a human spirit lingers due to unresolved issues, attempts to send them into the light may cause them to make the transition to the next state of existence prematurely. It is better and more respectful to help the spirits resolve issues on their own than to judge them or force them to move on against their will.

~The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide, by Michelle Belanger, emphasis in quotes mine.

I find this to speak very true, and have had personal experience in such dealings. I notice that there are some occultists, otherkin, newagers and multiples out there who seem to be quite willing to shirk many ethical boundaries involving sentient spirits, doing things to them or involving them that would probably present dire consequences in the physical world (such as prison time, etc.). People tend to assume that because this sort of thing happens on the “spirit-world”, there are no witnesses, and reality is all subjective anyway, so they feel confident in their ability to get away with their actions.

This is a topic I may explore more in depth at a later time as I gather my thoughts on the issue.


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On Animism

Everything is made up of energy, and coded within this energy is information. This can manifest itself in different forms and to varying degrees of sentience. Animism would come closest to this, though I would expand the definition to include things such as man-made and mechanical structures, computers and cybernetics.

This isn’t limited to the confines of the Earth, of course. The entire universe is alive, a vast and complex ecosystem of energy currents and entities. This belief fuels, at least in part, my interest in astronomy. You could call it a fascination with the utter vastness and power of the world above.

Or you could call it homesickness.

But to venture beyond that statement would be to lump myself in with those who refer to themselves as “Starseed” or “Starborn”, or whichever sugary bullshit term they happen to be calling themselves these days. You could call the Celestial sphere an “element”, however that would be limiting when you consider that space is the very wellspring from which all other elements come to be. I guess “element” would work in a superficial sense, if you consider that, from a terrestrial standpoint, it is a world apart from the barrier of the Earth’s atmosphere. So, assuming we are working from that viewpoint, the world above, space and the celestial sectors, are indeed my element (which I expressed in an earlier post, in describing this).

I know a few people that collect the remnants of deceased animals and other pieces from nature as a way of maintaining totemic bonds. This same mentality is applied to my hobby of collecting meteorites. Other than stargazing and research, it is my own way of maintaining these bonds, and something I intend on expanding on in further entries.

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More Sounds From Space

Space Audio, from the University of Iowa

It seems like a fair amount of the links presented in the Radio Astronomy section of the blogroll are outdated, so I went in search of new resources. This is what I came up with. I’m sincerely hoping that the old links are fixed eventually, particularly Radio Astronomy. I will at the very least keep them for archival purposes, and add new ones as I find them.

I also purchased spacesounds, available on iTunes, also featuring a wide variety of sounds from space. The website also provides clips and a variety of other interesting educational and audio features.

As I mentioned in an older post, this is an integral part of what does constitute my spirituality. This is strongly what I consider my element as well. A wolf therianthrope may listen to the sounds of howling wolves to gain inspiration or otherwise be moved internally by the experience, and this is no exception. This is tuning in to a part of who I am, on a core, elemental level.

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