More Sounds From Space

Space Audio, from the University of Iowa

It seems like a fair amount of the links presented in the Radio Astronomy section of the blogroll are outdated, so I went in search of new resources. This is what I came up with. I’m sincerely hoping that the old links are fixed eventually, particularly Radio Astronomy. I will at the very least keep them for archival purposes, and add new ones as I find them.

I also purchased spacesounds, available on iTunes, also featuring a wide variety of sounds from space. The website also provides clips and a variety of other interesting educational and audio features.

As I mentioned in an older post, this is an integral part of what does constitute my spirituality. This is strongly what I consider my element as well. A wolf therianthrope may listen to the sounds of howling wolves to gain inspiration or otherwise be moved internally by the experience, and this is no exception. This is tuning in to a part of who I am, on a core, elemental level.


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