Dethroning the Gods

Model This, on atheism and magic, from Plutonica

This, to an extent, reflects my views on spirituality in general. As someone who was considered a hard atheist in the past, I am constantly trying to balance skepticism as I proceed within the occult sectors. My belief in spirits and nonphysical entities and beings (ranging from things akin to computer programs to wholly sentient beings) is fairly solid. As a walk-in, I cannot contest the idea of the mind and inner being existing independently of the physical flesh, which would include ideas such as reincarnation. Atheism is just as the word states, a lack of belief in gods. Sometimes it isn’t the issue of not believing in a being so much as contesting its godly status.

The delusion that one needs the assistance of gods or other beings to perform magic or navigate the otherworlds is largely a flawed one. People who hold to the view that such beings aren’t needed are commonly attacked for these beliefs. Religious and spiritual fanatics make their homes in a wide variety of settings, not just Christian ones. I would rather more depend on myself rather than the aid of someone else in doing any sort of occult work. As in the physical realm, I am largely an independent loner, and prefer to be left alone. I could care less your age, your alleged power, or which plane of existence you happen to make your home.

One can be spiritual, and engage in the occult sciences, without the aid of a deity or a selection of deities. The idea that atheists possess a complete lack or experience of the numinous is one that needs to change.


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