Sounds Of The Cosmos And Altered States

Last night, surfing the web in a fit of boredom while trying to get to sleep (which didn’t occur until many, many hours later) I came across this website: Very, very interesting site. I particularly enjoyed the Radio Meteor Listening and the NASA online VLF receiver. Of course there is also RadioAstronomy, which broadcasts live feeds from various radio locations around the world–a personal favorite of mine (I am quite happy to see that it’s now back online again, because for awhile the site had gone down).

As bizarre as these noises might sound to most people, I actually find them quite relaxing. Relaxing to the point where I have been known to reach strange altered states of consciousness while listening to one continuous stream, and have gotten into the habit of doing so whenever I feel I need to achieve some meditative calm, or otherwise get myself into a different headspace. I will usually do this while sitting up and leaning against something, sometimes in bed, with my eyes closed. Sitting up helps prevent me from falling asleep, but given my chronic insomnia, it has been known to happen. This is one of the reasons also why I began playing a stream to help me get to sleep. White noise, much like the static on a TV screen, has a consistent hypnotic effect. I’ve heard of others who have used the method of watching white static on a TV screen to achieve altered states of consciousness, but this method is not something I could readily relate to. I don’t even watch television when there are actual programs playing, unless its something I’m readily interested in.

Astronomy and related is actually a very intricate part of my spirituality. Its part of what I work with. There are several people I know who work with objects and spirits/entities from the natural world: animals, bones, skins. My preferred method is working with the celestial and meteorologic: meteorites, tektites, fulgurites, weather patterns, astronomical observations. I have said before that I could relate to a star or a thunderstorm more readily than I could an organic being. That said, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a fair amount of respect for the natural world, it just isn’t my element. When I sit in my room and work with my meteorite and impactite collection, either sorting them or creating pieces of art out of them (or some reasonable facsimile thereof), and listening to one of these radio streams, not only do I feel like I am more in my element, but I also feel like I can better relate to the material I am working with.

I will elaborate more on this topic later. Right now my primary focus is achieving some degree of profitable sleep, the lack of which has interfered quite a bit with my thought processes lately. Signing off for now.



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5 responses to “Sounds Of The Cosmos And Altered States

  1. With the storm stuff–I can actually grok on this quite a bit…just my own two pence, though.

    One of these years I need to up and build you guys a VLF sferics detector :3 (AKA fun with hearing sprites and such from lightning strikes similar to the INSPIRE network feed; not quite radio astronomy, but still nifty) :3

  2. TawnyHare

    Hi there,
    I read this post with great interest and hooked up to the Radio Meteor Broadcast yesterday, to try some meditation. I agree with you that it is possible to meditate deeply to these sounds. I felt very ‘unearthly’ for most of the day after the meditation – in a good way – very connected to the earth. I am not a techie person, so I would like to ask you a question if I may, do you know if there is any way that you can ‘record’ a piece of the broadcast as an mp3 file to play on an ipod – or any other way of listening to it away from a computer? I would like to listen to the stream when I can’t get access to the net.
    I would be interestd in reading your livejournal blog too – could you post a link to it??
    Please write more on this subject, I am very interested in following your experiences – especially what you feel when you go into an altered state, if you don’t mind sharing this with others of course!
    thanks again,

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